Donkey Sanctuary Aruba [logo]

Come visit the Donkey Sanctuary Aruba


Take Route 4a from the hotels and follow this road for 14 km, pass all the circles/roundabouts until you see a sign for the French Men’s Pass. Make a left turn onto the French Men’s Pass, then 1st left, 2nd right. On that dirt road you will find the Donkey Sanctuary after about 200 meters.

If you have a GPS device, navigate to these coordinates:  N 12°48.974’  W 069°96.642’  This will bring you to the entrance of the Donkey Sanctuary.

Or use Google Maps Directions

Opening hours:
  • Everyday from 9:00 until 16:00. Closed only on January 1st.
Need transportation to get there?
  • Taxi Address Service +297 587 9900